Andrew Clayton

Andrew grew up listening to the great storytellers and singer/songwriters of old, dreaming of the tales they wove, but it wasn’t until he took his Alaskan expedition that he began to truly understand that world.  During his half-year trek through the ‘Great White North’, Andrew began to weave tales of his own and returned to the ‘Lower 48’.

His music is heavily influenced by what he sees around him. His observations of the relationships, of not only those close to him but also on the larger scale, can be heard in each of his songs.

When not writing or performing, Andrew spends most of his time hiking through the hills of North Jersey.

Andrew draws his musical influences from a number of sources: Leonard Cohen, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Johnny Cash, Paul Simon… and many more. Clayton sometimes sings and plays solo, yet he always loves layered harmonies and playing with a group. He is also a skilled Bass, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, Concertina and Harmonica Player.