Arms Of London

Arms Of London was formed by Joel Hibbs in 2011, evolved from previous bands, Stereocompromise and Automatic. ¬†Self-recording in his own studio set back amongst the rolling fields of Oklahoma Osage country, he wields the influences of classic Brit-pop and all of the various “alternative” rock eras into his own modern concoctions and has been cranking them out as a multi-tracked one man studio band and also a full live/studio band line-up of revolving friends. ¬†Various players in Automatic and/or Stereocompromise has included Shawn Epperson, Chad Matheson of Kansas City’s the Down Trunks and Hot Dog Skeletons, Nick Ley and Colin Fleishacker of Colourmusic, David Wittmer of Nothing Unreal, John Poe, Dylan Vowel and more. ¬†Stereocompromise released an album on itunes with the ironic title of Hip Hop, and recently has been releasing songs on Bandcamp under the newly rechristened Arms Of London.

The band currently consists of Joel Hibbs, David Wittmer, Lee Searcy and Chaz Wilson.